Terrifying French Children’s Books

I just had to reblog this. It is sheer reading gold. French books for children appear to be about as terrifying as Victorian books for children, just without the latent sexism and moral stuffiness. They’re so creepy it makes me wonder if France has a higher proportion of psychopaths per head of the population than the rest of the world. If so, these books would TOTALLY explain why.


I have to thank British author Jenny Colgan for this post.  Her blog about Terrifying French Children’s Books needs to be shared.  Here is link to the Guardian’s report on this topic: http://www.guardian.co.uk/books/gallery/2012/may/30/terrifying-french-childrens-books-in-pictures?CMP=twt_gu

If only I had had a chance to read these books as a child, how much better I might have turned out!  I had only the desperate loneliness and mistreatment of The Little Princess to revel in.  I am going to order a few of these and read them now. (Thank goodness for my French classes!  Merci Madam DuBois et Madam Watts!)


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Er, hi…

Ok, I’ve been meaning to set up this blog for a while now but other stuff kind of got in the way, like finishing my Masters, interning, attempting to try and find a job vaguely anywhere at all in the industry I’m dying to work in, and also trying (and failing) to stop my five month old puppy from eating everything vaguely edible (but more often inedible) within a five mile radius of my house. This is a constant battle of wits and one I fear I will never win. She’s a crafty mutt.

Anyway, I’ve finally got round to it and hopefully will be babbling fairly regularly about books. I’m a big reader, especially YA and children’s fiction, but also random stuff, like I just read about the history of mirrors. Seriously. It was actually really fascinating but made me never want to encounter true mirror. Apparently it ends people’s world to find out what they really look like.  I imagine Mickey Rourke already knows what this feels like without the aid of a mirror. I’ve also included the vague ‘And stuff’ to obscurely cover anything else that I want to bore you with, like dogs dressed up as Marvel characters, or cake, or Benedict Cumberbatch. You have been warned.


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